Gary Seronik leaving Sky & Telescope

Sky & Telescope’s May 2016 issue announces the departure of Gary Seronik who will be leaving the magazine become the chief editor of the Canadian SkyNews. Over the past 20 years Gary has made significant contributions to S&T and the May issue contains his final columns.

One of my favorite regular features of S&T has been Gary’s Binocular Highlight column. In fact it was with a planisphere and a copy of Binocular Highlights, a collection of articles from the column published in book form, that I first started observing and I’d highly recommended the same combination to other would-be enthusiasts.

I’m glad that the monthly Binocular Highlight will continue to appear – starting with the June issue it is to be taken over by Matt Wedel of 10 Minute Astronomy. Here’s wishing both Gary and Matt the best in their new roles.


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