40% Off at Sky & Telescope Store

Through Sunday, June 7th, you can use code FFSUMMER40 to get an unheard of 40% off at the Sky & Telescope Store.

Need a good star atlas? The Pocket Sky Atlas is $11.97 after the discount.

The PSA is my most used atlas due to its easy to use format but sometimes identifying an object would be easier if stars dimmer than 7th magnitude were charted. This is why I took advantage of the sale to add a copy of the Star Atlas 2000.0 to my library, which is $23.97 after the discount. I waffled a bit between the different versions offered but ultimately chose the unbound “desk” version as it will allow me to take just the pages I need with me to supplement the PSA. There is a good discussion about the various versions of Star Atlas 2000.0 over at the Cloudy Nights forum.

Another book that has been on my wish list for sometime is Sissy Haas’s Double Stars For Small Telescopes and I couldn’t pass it up for $13.79.

While 20-30% discounts come around a few times throughout the year, this the first time I’ve seen a 40% off promotion and is a fantastic opportunity to pick up any items that you may have had your eye on.


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